Tom Steiert



Memory of Tom:

We, Steiert family, had finally gotten word that Tom was getting out of the Coast Guard. The day finally arrived. Dad had gotten off work early and we all (10 of us)piled into the station wagon excited to drive to Seattle to see our brother.

I don't remember it being such a long ride up but things certainly changed when we saw him. There stood our brother with 2duffle bags and a stereo system with 2 large speakers and a turntable. Somehow he and dad packed it all in behind seats on people's laps and anywhere else it could be stored. And Tom too.

It was a long trip home.

Love you Tom.


I remember going for rides in Tom’s blue Studebaker. He was always very protective of me and gave some of the greatest hugs. My last great hug was five days before Tom passed and all he wanted to do was hug me and joke around with me. If it wasn’t for Tom I would not be married to my wonderful husband, Mike, for almost 49 years he was the one that introduced us. Thank you Tom very much,I love you, I miss you, enjoy your time with mom and dad and enjoy the fact that you are without any kind of earthly pain.God has another angel up there with him in heaven. 🙏🙏🙏🥰💖💕❤️



Thank you for being my Brother!

Thank you for our conversations where you made me laugh so often! (By the way, I loved your laugh, your gentle laugh, just like You! ) You were a caring Brother, A Loving Brother!

We might not have seen each other often but when family got together you were there! You were there to visit with, catch up with what life had brought us during our missed times!

Thank you for sharing your family with ours... cousins forever!

You will be missed!You made us Nine Brothers and Sisters!

I Will Love You and Miss You Forever Tom!